Wednesday, November 29, 2006


i'm back from china! went to GZ and HK! the things in GZ are super cheap man! super super cheap! if you think thailand is cheap, go china. u get cheap stuff and better quality!

boughts lots and lots of clothes. so many i cant list them out. all for less than $500 i think. but lots of stuff. what to do? labour and production is freaking cheap there! so many ppl argh!

bought some nice jacket outfits, but i'm afraid too hot then cannot wear sia. crap man! last thing i want to be is a crazy looking homeless man drenched in his own sweat! yucks.

but their nice, cant deny my good taste! :D hehe...

and on the way home in a taxi, i swear i was freaking pissed when i reached home. WHY? THE DAMNED TAXI DRIVER DIDNT HELP ME CARRY MY BAGGAGE! ok at the airport, he just stood there, arms folded ARMS FOLDED! ok lah, maybe he dont want spoil my stuff. BUT HELLO? HELP HERE?

not that bad, reached home, paid money, expected him to get out of the taxi to help unload baggage, BUT WAT HE JUST SAT IN THE TAXI NEVER SAY THANK YOU AND NEVER BOTHERED TO GET HIS CANDY SKINNY ASS OUT OF HIS SEAT TO HELP ME UNLOAD! what kind of crap service in singapore? he ought to be fired! i should have taken down his name and lodged a complain! what a mailto:!@#^%!#%^&%!(@^!~^%^$(&@
hahaha. but seriously, all my life i've never encountered such a bo chap useless unhelpful taxi driver! especially one that sends ppl from the airport! i mean, they're supposed to help you carry ur bags out. and not to mention help me because i was alone struggling with 2 heavy bags and a guitar! he didnt even ask "do you need help?" DAMN YOU MAN! :@
hope someone else encounters him and gets him fired! super angry! what rubbish man! sickening...

ok sorry this may seem very unbiblical but i really cant stand such ppl! it's not often i get very angry like this. he should thank God i didnt yell at him!

anyway, bought something from HK too! a telecaster! like finally? after how many months!

and china blocked blogspot so i couldnt access blogs for the whole weeek!

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