Sunday, December 17, 2006


camp's over! xmas youth svc's over! soon xmas going to be over then 2006 is going to be over and hello to 2007HELLAsCRAPmorehomeworkHELLAsCRAP! yes 2007 is so going to be hell for me! As! i cant cope with J1 work now and u want me to sit for As? hahaha! but it's the starting, i have faith by 3rd term i'll know most of the stuff! c'mon! 3As 1B! can do it!

guess what? i'm not even 50% through my homework! i'm so dead, just dont feel like doing la...

but nvm! this christmas is going to be great! whooh hooh! end dec going to get more new stuff! it's going to be a fruitful 2007! new additions, new stuff, more things! :D

what things? dont tell!

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