Saturday, March 24, 2007


round one of block test is finally over! i would say i'm pretty screwed? but there's still block test 2, prelims, and...As!!! :O :O :O so fast so fast!

and guess what our tutors told us? "pls come to school prepared for your tutorials on tuesday!" -.- gosh we just fought a crazy battle and we're going for war again!!

and guess what i fell sick, after days of 4hour-sleeps. but i'm considered one of the lucky ones who actually got more than 2hours of sleep. *coughckcough*

i think i'm transforming to a LAME NERD! below are some evidence, drew them when i was bored studying bio, not because it's boring, just that i was bored. (:

cells taking a bath!

ever wondered how mRNA recruits transcription factors before transcription? via propaganda posters!!!

and of course, the HEAVY METAL resistance!!!

and now blocks are over, for now, i got the weekend to slack away and start work on monday again!! :'( poor physics ppl dont get to enjoy much! hehs.
and so i got some new stuff! hehs.


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