Thursday, July 26, 2007


I CANT SLEEP! I CANNOT SLEEP!!! it's already 3 am and i've been trying to sleep for past 3hours and 15minutes, and i just cannot sleep!

this is the first time such weird thing is happening to me. i'm hungry, tired, my eyelids are heavy, my eyes want to close, but my MIND DOESNT WANT TO SLEEP! it's so wide awake like i can still go through tonnes of bio/chem/econs notes even though my eyes dont want to open.

WHY? BECAUSE I DRANK COFFEE AT 9! i swear i'm never going to drink another cup of coffee at such a time because i cannot sleep! ARGH! only to burn midnight oil shall i drink coffee at night!

i'm so dead can, 3 hours before i officially wake up and prepare for school. going to die in school later. i think i'm going to sleep the whole bloody day!!! AHHHH!!! complains sure will come from teachers. oh well, dont blame me, blame the evil drug caffeine!!!

I CANT SLEEP!!! it's 3.03am NOW!!!

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