Monday, September 18, 2006


8 more days to promos, and guess what? i'm not even half way revision!

and i dont think i'll touch the tutorials, which is rather risky, except for bio. i mean, they never come out with anything that we're familiar with.

here's my progress:
only 2/9 chapters done.

organic chem done, just need to memorise (leave to day before). stoichio's dead as usual. left chem bonding, periodicity, atomic structure, and gas laws (i'll probably skip it's easy)

HAHA! BIO! sean calculated 479 pages of bio! can u believe it?
bio molecules, done, maybe except proteins, not very clear. enzymes done. mitosis, cancer done. transcription and translation done. virus and bacteria done. left with cell membrane, DNA, genome, and genetic variaton. HC sux! HC BIO SUX! so much of extra stuff that wouldnt be tested in As! after all, it's the As that matter! but get past promos first...

oh maths is just tonnes of practice. i'm dead for vectors and integration. sequences i'm still half clear about it. differentiation is not bad. MI rox! graphs, functions, inequalities should be easy. PnC i always get it wrong so it's ok lol.

so i figure out i would be able to promote. i expect, or rather, i'm aiming for a
C for econs, D for chem, E for bio, and C for maths.

i need a miracle! argh!

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