Friday, September 01, 2006

ah it feels good to be rich for a while

whooh as i type i'm lying back and relaxing in a NICE FIVE STAR MANDARIN HOTEL. WHOOH! how often do u get to relax in a 5 star hotel shaking leg and watching a nice high quality plasma TV? did i mention the lovely bathroom? everything is sooo beautiful and nicely in place! i think all singapore hotels are great! from meridien, to shangri la, to hyatt and to mandarin! how cool! enjoy these benefits from my dad! hahaha

anyway i love holidays. especially during exam time. u dont go school, u take ur time to mug, u mug outside with frens, and u can catch up wif ur tuts and notes! how nice!

i went to NUS central library today, whoah! SUPER COOL AND QUIET! it's like
u fart from a mile away, u can hear it! HAHAHA! that shows how quiet it is! anyway, must study there more! the food is uber cheap and great! haha lots of pretty girls too! :D

ok i shall be a good boy and start my full blast mugging this week! bye!

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