Sunday, October 29, 2006

simon ephraim

whooh! i'm officially married to Christ! i'm now called


wat a mouth full! but it was really exciting today. although this decision was rather last minute, i still thank God for it! at least i knew i'm ready!

so i played for adults service today. oh man the atmosphere is really really different from the youth. very scary, very solemn. but the ppl are still praising and worshipping the king. yup. cool man. i bet the service was an eye opener to them. new stuff, youth incorporated. IT FEELS GREAT TO BE YOUNG!

ok so i admit i was dozing off in sermon. not because pastor ben is boring. i love his sermons, full of conviction and meaning. i fall asleep because i always do, when i'm on duty. sure fall asleep. oh man now coffee doesnt work!

baptism pics! only got 2 from my phone

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