Sunday, October 22, 2006


sorry i never blog for 11 days! been busy with PW and stuff...
anyway i took lots of pics with my phone!

top left: our noticeboard for tkd! i'm proud of it!
top right: guys night out at cine e2max!
bottom left: our cute little tkd toy!
bottom right: free milo whooh!

openhouse was sian but quite cool because i played a prominent role in doing the sound! :D and i'm so happy to see our batch putting up a good show! tkd rocks! and kicks! but i ended up sleeping during the long long break hehe

we wanted to watch stay alive, on a friday night. but we realised that we should have bought tickets way earlier because the tickets were sold out when we were there like 1/2hour before. so we ended up playing some xbox and lan of 5 comps in e2max. reasonable price i must say.

ytd's service was great! everyone improved after last week's evaluation! i must say the crowd was very excited and God visited and gave us surprises again! hehe. after service we went to esplanade. luckily i went with them, or i would have missed this super cool and zai jazz band! oh man they're sooo damn pro! jazz is sooo hard to play and they can do it well! whooh inspiration inspiration! hehe

well that's it! holidays are coming, and i need to study hard. got a freaking SEEEC (see ethan chong) for my overall. i cant complain much because i was sooo close to retaining but God's grace saw me through! and to all those that didnt do too well: dont worry too much, there's still As, the final mark. just work harder next year! we can do it!

yup ok bye!

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