Thursday, January 04, 2007

2nd day of school

today marks the end of 2nd day of school. 1st day was horrible. why?

1. ms wang said i look like a korean because of my supposedly SLITTY EYES! what! i dont have slitty eyes! hmph.
2. i lost my way on the way home. walked in circles but couldnt find the place home! so i took the usual long way. reached home sweating like crap. was very angry.
3. had a stupid bio test to study for, but only studied for 2 hours. reached home at 8.30 only. started to study at 9pm after dinner. what the hell man!

today, the 2nd day, we had to write a stupid GP essay, and do a stupid bio test which was rather easy if u studied but i didnt. oh man crap. luckily not counted hehs. and bukit timah is seriously such an ulu piece of land! there's no MRT. traffic jam how? walking to main road with all my equipment how? can die man! so jialat!

anyway hope 2007 will be great! because the teachers are scaring the bones out of us, saying how horrible As are and how we will die if we dont start in midyear. GOSH!

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