Monday, January 01, 2007

bye 2006! i miss you!

last year 2006 has been an eventful year. there were a series of events, in which some were worthy to remember, and some were painful to remember. let's recap...

1. start of JC life
i remember the first day of school, i was excited to go JC and experience life there. one year has passed so quickly. now it's As this year. then NS, then uni, then what's next?

2. second generation of HCians in YHope
i remember bringing robert and ryan once again at start of the year. i kept praying they would commit. one year later, they're doing strong and well. same for the rest like Jon, Yvonne, Fungmin (easter batch).

3. june encounter camp
my first time playing for all slots in camp. i had just enlisted into the most cool CG, ywam! hehe. where the cool and good looking people are! no wonder i belong there man! AHAHAH! no lah jk jk. during that time i was super tired balancing pastoral and playing for church. i already started playing since january i think, but only part time. thanks ian for guiding me!
during camp everything was awesome! the whole youth grew to a next level in the Holy Spirit including me. great to see the new believers joining us then. like yongsheng too.

4. blocks
not so eventful thing to remember, but lesson to learn to work hard. but they screwed us up lah stupid HC!

5. Hope 15th Anniversary
first mega event for me to play for church level. was really excited but usually ended very late and got scolding from parents/sis. was a period of testing as i was struggling to stay awake in lectures, complete tutorials, study for tests, and play guitar. but was a great one for the whole church!

6. promos
another not so eventful thing, but luckily i made it through with God's grace! didnt expect to make it though. 2007 will chiong hard!

7. theory exam
after promos, still have to study. but thank God was the last theory exam i had to sit for. finally cleared it once and for all! hopefully can teach part time and earn cash!

8. water baptism
a new chapter in my christian life! was water baptised, now called ephraim as well. but there's still problems i struggle with. i commit them to God and i will be strong!

9. december breakthru camp
another great camp as always. had a new addition to the team. sherman who played part time. great job boy boy! God sees your spirit!
pastor David Chen really taught well, and it fired up everyone's hearts. including the MinOps. subsequently, great things would happen...

10. christmas harvest!
woot! this is the highlight of the year! christmas! everyone loves xmas! i love it to bits and pieces and pins and needles!
we hit our target! the whole youth did! so happy! a new beginning for 2007 with new people to join us!

looking back, lots of things happened, but only these 10 major events. 2006 is really a good year. i feel i accomplished so much compared to 2005. 2007 will be better!

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