Sunday, February 18, 2007

CNY celebration!

CNY so far is sooo boring! been stuck at home doing NOTHING, and so far only gone to visit ONE relative. hopefully tmr's going to be better! but the CNY celebration on friday was BORING too, except that playing around with one another was fun! hehe. here's some pics i took!

we must cover chris' hair! it's too pubish! take the box quick!

so after celebration i went for steamboat with minops at the north pole (puay's house).
ate quite lots of food, and they made this chocolate fondue (or however u spell it). it's digusting man! so much chocolate! i ate 4 marmallows then wanted to puke! how can GIRLS stand eating SO MUCH RICH chocolate? yucks man! grow fat only!

yes so CNY is darn boring! so much homework to do still! ARGH! how i wish i can just be in a dream and dont wake up for a few hours! cant say dont wake up forever wait if it happens it's not good! hehe! i had 2 nice dreams so far! hopefully dreams do come true! :D


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