Tuesday, February 06, 2007


wah i never blogged for one month! been so busy and lazy! mauahah! but nothing much to blog about lah!

just finished chem spa today. was rather easy i must say, standard lah. chionged then got like 5 min left to check through. quite fun but was very cold. and i keep laughing at the ppl around me. robert kept dropping his stuff, and wah toon kept making stupid faces.

so far, we had all the tests, maths, bio, chem, econs. and i'll probably faill 3/4 of them, caused i passed my maths! whooh!

anyway, just sold 1 of my guitar and dismantled another one and sold some of its parts. earning more cash now! going to invest in some cool pedals! i mean have already invested, need to recover. but there's one i've been waiting for DAMN LONG! not here yet. so nice, marshall kind of sound. marshall my fav amps. whooh!

ok that paragraph isnt for guitar fanatics, so u'll probably skip it.

and fac dance is cool, but i decide i wont go for anymore sessions. i cant dance! i cant remember anything! haha, wasting my time if i go there. boohoos. well i'll just stand aside and watch. hahaha

and so chinese new year is coming. wait, valentine's day first. hmmm that one ar, dont care lah. i've not celebrated it since i was born, and shall keep it that way until 23? haha! valentines...wat rubbish! but! CNY! that means ang pow and money! but i bet i'll get less than $100? ah heck! i never really like CNY except for the breaks and the bagua. i prefer christmas season. but last christmas was real boring. didnt do much, everyone was visiting here and there, i was stuck at home. and new year was ok only. hmph. must do more stuff once i turn 18 this year! :D

ok i shall go off now! will try to blog more! bye!

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