Sunday, August 12, 2007


it's been:

one year since 2006
one year since my last 17th bday
one year since my mom and sis left for china
one year of indepedence
one year of great friendships that spurred me on
one year of mugging for purpose
one year of spiritual growth
one year of building my ministry

one year has done so much. proud of what happened the past year, definitely God's divine plan!

looking back, my relationship with my parents have grown so much. i guess absence really makes the heart fonder.
looking back, my relationship with my classmates have grown much too. got to spend time with them after school, just chilling around, mugging, hanging out etc. they're the reason that i go to school with a smile renewed every morning (except for rainy mornings, i hate the rain!)
looking back, my relationship with my church friends have progressed to a stronger and deeper one. talking about ministry, personal life, opened up our lives. they're the reason why i continue to serve in church.
looking back, my skills in guitar have really grown too. i guess the more you're willing to give, the more you receive. of course it came with practising hard.
looking back, my relationship with God has really grown too. i guess this is the factor that contributed to the rest above. i've learned to trust in Him more, especially during times when it really really sux. the centre of my life, the centre of everything!

now, looking forward, i want to:
1) study real hard and get 4As
2) build more strong musicians
3) venture into jazz fully
4) learn driving and get a damned license
5) earn some cash
6) grow myself and work towards PnW leader goal (will take years :D hehe)
7) stop wasting time on stupid stuff

one year has passed so fast, wonder what's installed for me the next few years. probably a girlfriend? HAHAHA! i wish man. not now or within the next 5 years. =P

oh reihorng and i just recorded 2 songs! quality's not bad, but there's some stuff we need to touch up on!

my head's bursting! got a headache. it's too late already! hahaha!


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