Monday, July 14, 2008


it's been almost a year since i made a post. i was soooo lazy to update!

anyway, i'm currently serving the nation as a supply supervisor, aka CQMS but NOT A STOREMAN. ok lah something like a storeman but i would prefer to be called a SPEC. HAHAHA! anyway BMT was rather fun cos pes C is sooo slack and my friends are a whacy bunch!

my CQMS course ends in 2 weeks. it's the stay out period already. initially it was stay in, and i went to the gym regularly for about 3 months, and pumped protein. small increase, but hope to continue more in my unit. hehs.

time really flies, the last post was before A levels, and yes one year later i have:

achieved 4As
passed BTT and FTT
earned some cash from the government
2 new guitars!

ok time to sleep it's late, or tmr i cant wake up and will be charged for AWOL.

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