Saturday, July 26, 2008


and so i have been posted to HQ armour, at sungei gedong. however i'm in the Armour Project Group, WHOAH sounds top secret and mysterious! my main office will be in kranji camp, and the lame thing is i have to report to gedong monday, wed, fri for live run which i cant do cos i'm excused lower limb. oh well it's stay out so i have nothing to complain!

speaking of stay out, i think there's some sort of divine plan God has. why stay out? i've got many friends who kana stay in, tough units. mine's pretty slack I THINK and I HOPE. but i've got to do many things when i'm staying out for the next 1.5 years. i'm going to:

1. get my driving license
2. play for JUMP
3. get new comp?
4. improve guitar skills
5. train some ppl
6. tuition for extra cash?
7. beef up somemore(:

i realised setting goals and plans is real easy, but actually getting down to do it is not that simple. heh. now, for my promotion to corporal! i dunno when but it should be soon! 1 or 2 more months?

anyway, one year ago i can vividly remember studying MY GUTS OUT for prelims/A levels. nostalgic man i tell you, whenever i walk past the AMK library, or some random fast food chain and see J2s mugging their butts off. funny sight to see, but such events bring back good/bad/ugly memories of intense mugging. looking back at the past year, i've seen how much i've grown.

and when i went back to school to collect my cert last tuesday, memories of my school life from sec1 all the way to j2 started gushing out of my memory bank into my mind like how water leaks out of a small crack in a dam.

as i walked up the slope of the hwachong entrance, i can still remember wearing that set of faded biege uniform, carrying a big bag pack with a file, dragging my feet along the concrete ground, sighing and asking myself when would the dreaded A level exams end. as i walked up the slope that day, this time with a different perspective, this time as a soldier, i still sigh and ask myself when would i ORD and get back to studying. the army is a good break for 2 years, but i would rather get back to the books than rifles. the power of knowledge, more powerful than any ammunition or weaponary you can possibly find in the SAF. heh.

as i walked towards my class bench, i can remember the days when it was 7.15am, and i would see J2s mugging away, and as i approached my class bench i could still remember everyone greeting all those that just arrived for another hectic day in school. slackers would be slacking, muggers would be mugging, lazy students would be copying homework, hardworking students would be burried into their notes. this was my JC life.

and so i walked towards the kong chian admin block, the ex-ep3 or ex-cca block. this was were the most time was spent in my secondary school days, in the string orchestra room. ok lah maybe not a lot but i was rather involved in string orch last time but i think i suck at the violin. and so i could remember being a blur 1.56m sec1, lugging my violin case and my bag to this rather spacious room. as i walked towards it, a bunch of NCC or St. John people would go running to the 2nd level. and the NPCC people would obviously be pitching tents again. hahaha!

and there was the AEP block, where painful memories of staying back late to finish up that 3D animation project or painting or sketch(YES i PAINTED but i wasnt that good :( ). hey i have artistic capabilities OK?! i didnt really like my teacher cos she sort of "used" me, but hey man she really opened up some opportunities. Now 3D animation remains as a past memory, something that i dont think i will do again forever. sad huh i had quite a promising future in that, but i've moved on.

aiya no time to write so much about my secondary school life. it was indeed fun too. i loved my bunch of friends in sec school. i loved sec school, it was relaxed and just plain fun. boyish fun, things that boys do without the restriction of any FEMALES. oh well, fun as we can be, the friends i've grown up with are now in the army, all becoming mature MEN.

time really flies, i'm going to be 19 soon, SO OLD! i'm reaching the 2* age next year! oh man!!!

anyway here are tips/pointers/encouragements/hehe/haha/lol/tools in which you can get that stack of notes done and score for prelims/A levels.

1. sleep 6 hours. it's enough.
2. drink coffee
3. sleep in lessons that you think aren't important
5. HIGHLIGHT your notes, and i mean IMPORTANT points not the whole chunks
6. do the TYS!!! i've completed my maths TYS THREE TIMES!!! HEHE
7. select certain schools' prelim papers. some schools are just plain waste of time.
8. take power naps of 10 min everytime u feel tired
9. find the optimal time of studying, night or day or afternoon?
10. memories if you need to
11. practise questions
12. practise questions
13. practise questions
14. time yourself for papers
15. time yourself for papers

prelims aren't everything, so dont be stressed you horse babies J2s! by prelim u should roughly know about 80% of your work? around there. by A levels it should be 100% and a few rounds of revision. my prelims i had EESSD, rearranged to become SEEDS, which are seeds that God planted so that my testimony may be shared to inspire everyone. the SEEDS sprouted and became AAAAB! praise God man! it's possible!

simon: simon to everyone, blog ends here. roger out.

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