Monday, August 04, 2008

Simon the bangla worker

Simon has become a bangla worker, a maid and a cleaner. why?

we shifted so many big and heavy cupboards, drawers, tables, and partitions from rooms to rooms for the past week. we even had to do cementing of tiles, and we will be painting the walls tmr!

and i became a maid, mopping the floor, sweeping, cleaning, laying bedsheets etc. just that i have no official employer except the government. hehe.

but i guess all these "saikang" and extra work helps me be more useful in cleaning, so i'm basically an expert in house cleaning. i remember spring cleaning my room after my BMT, it was soooo nice to look at! but now it's back to the pig sty it used to be during A levels. oh wells! men werent created to do housework! HAHA! but nonetheless my wife will be so blessed cos i can do it! :P

i'm starting my driving lessons this wed! finally! after passing my BTT last year end october, and after waiting for for 5 months after BMT. oh well, hopefully i can claim my license and the right to my car. yes i have a car! but it belongs to my parents oh well...

1.5 years to ORD! 1 or 2 more months to corporal! haiz...

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