Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Story of the Goldfish

today in camp, we had something exciting! we decided to pool our money together to buy a couple of fishes and put them in this fish tank that was lying around. each of us contributed about $2 to buy 2 big packets of goldfish, one packet contained super tiny goldfish and the other contained normal sized ones.

and so God sort of spoke to me in a cute way through these little aquatic creatures as we poured them into the tank. here's the inspirational story of the goldfish, written by me!


Once upon a time, there lived a little goldfish in a little bowl in a little fish shop. This little goldfish was sick of staying in that little bowl, and he was a very sad goldfish. He longed to see what the world was like, instead of being trapped in a little bowl.

One day, a man walked into the shop and wanted to buy a fish. In this fish shop, there were many different kinds of beautiful fish, all of different colour, shapes and sizes. However, at the corner of the shop, stood the little bowl containing the little goldfish.

The man walked over to that goldfish, and noticed that it had a flaw - it's tail fin had been torned.
Immediately, he bought that goldfish, despite having seen all the other beautiful fish.

Upon reaching home, the man decided to place the goldfish in his huge aqaurium, beautifully decorated with gravel, rocks and water plants. He took a fish net and tried to scoop the goldfish up.

As the goldfish saw the net coming towards his way, he panicked and tried to swim away. It was really hard to try to coax the little fella into the net, and into the tank.

So the man tried a different way. This time, he lowered the bowl half way into the tank so that the goldfish could swim out. However, the poor little goldfish was afraid of what was in the tank, so he kept swimming towards the base of the bowl.

The man sighed, and said, "Why won't you be courageous and step out into my tank? Oh well, I will have to do this!". After he said that, he poured the contents of the bowl right into the tank, and the goldfish dropped into it.

As soon as the little goldfish entered the majestic looking fish tank, he was so amazed! He had never seen anything like it before.

The man smiled and said, "I told you so! You could have trusted me."

ok that concludes my little short story. a little connie, but while pouring out the fishes today, i saw them frantically trying to swim away from the tank and pack into the packet. kinda dumb right? swim away from the tank?! hahaha! but here's the good part:

Christians, some of us are like that little goldfish. we all have flaws like his little tail fin. we long to be used by God, and we long to be part of his perfect plan for us. however, here's the sad part. Sometimes, we don't trust God enough, and we long to go back to our comfort zone the moment things get rough.

the little goldfish couldn't bear to leave his bowl to enter into the tank the moment he encountered threats, obstacles and struggles. sometimes we are like that too. we can't bear to leave our own small bowl and venture into the great plan God has for us the moment we find that things aren't going right!

as a result, sometimes God has to give us a push, or maybe a reminder or a miracle, to show us a glimpse of his perfect plan for us. like that goldfish, we lack faith, we rely on our own strengths, and we dont trust our master. however, once we enter into the "tank" he has for us, we will then be able to see how awesome and cool his plan is for us!

once we received his plan for us, God smiles and says, "I told you so! You could have trusted me."

ok that's it! heh.

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