Tuesday, January 27, 2009


and so the long awaited happy times have ended, although i'm only half as happy as i should have been, i'm still sad that i still have to wake up early and go to the s***h**** they call sungei gedong camp. well hopefully the remaining 3 days there this week will really be the last time i'll ever set foot back there other than going for master parades, running errands, or doing work. i DO NOT want to go back to CCO QM (the crappy unit i'm in, whereby i'm treated like nobody).

anyway, i failed my driving, i didnt get my 3SG rank yet. but i still managed to have loads of fun during my korea trip last week. it's scary how time flies when i had so much fun, and it's even more scary to look at another year of army life. it's like feeding a hyena kimchi! it's so torturing!
i took beautiful pictures in korea! check them out!

yes skiing is very hard. and painful.

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