Sunday, August 30, 2009

hear me out

Well, you'd have probably noticed, or didn't, I changed my blog title. "Called to serve" has been changed to "My vision my passion". Why?

Let me describe, elaborately, the process of my 2 years in army, which has led me to do some thinking, and eventually conceiving a new vision for me.

This vision, has got something to do with my medicine course, which will begin in less than half a year, for 6 years. This vision, is to be able to help the sick and poor to live the last days of their lives as if they were the best, and to show the love that Christ has for these people. I think I am privileged to be able to go overseas to pursue this noble profession. I've been praying for God to break my heart for what breaks His, tough prayer.

Before I go into any detail of what I plan to do for the next 6 years of my life, and for the remaining 6 months in Singapore, let me bring you back in time. Let me share with you why the sudden change in my career path, and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, it will change some the mindsets of some of you guys.

It all began last year, after I received my A level results. Not knowing what to apply for, I chose the normal path, which about 60% of my classmates had applied for -- Business. Wow nice, business, such a vague degree which can be applied to any area in life. Business, hmmm, big money?

So I applied for a double degree in Business and Accountancy, not knowing what I would do in this course. All I heard was that it was challenging, but could guarantee you a place in a high-paying job with a 5 digit salary! $_$ that's nice.

So case closed. I would study that course and that's it!

NOT. Something deep inside me was struggling and trying to break out of that "let's-follow-the-trend" mentality to tell me, "Hey Simon, is money all you care about? Would you like that course, that job, that lifestyle?"

I ignored that thought.

I talked to one of my course mates in the army. He happened to disrupt halfway to study medicine in NUS. I vividly remember him telling me, "My dad wanted me to earn big money by doing business or accountancy. But I think I want to help people through being a doctor. I think it's really nice just to help those in need."

Later in the year of 2008, there was Missions week in church. A video was shown on screen, and it depicted the lives of ordinary but noble people, who left their comfort zones, went to a foreign land, and planted churches. One story was this guy who went to a certain part of Africa, I think Zimbabwe? Anyway, there are many poor people in this country, but the simple acts of kindness shown by this foreign white man were warmly received with immense gratitude. My heart was wrenching with grief but happiness, because I know there're certain things in the world beyond my control, but at the same time I was glad that some people actually bothered to try to make a difference.

The world needs love.

So turning point, in my life! Well, no, not yet. This was just one of the little events.

Fast forward about half a year. It was december camp, like finally! On the second night, when Torchie lead the PnW session, I was the guitarist, and he prophesied that many of us youths would rise up to be powerful and influential people in the 21st century. Nice. Powerful. He prayed for a number of people who would be influential in the Media industry, in the Financial sector, in the Arts industry. At that point of time, I didn't raise up my hand for the part of the "Financial sector", not because I was tired, but because something deep inside of me, was trying to tell me that that won't be it. This something was clearly the Holy Spirit speaking to me. So while everything was in slow motion, I found myself immersed in a conversation with the Holy Spirit, debating about whether it was the financial sector I should go into.

Instead, He challenged me to go into the healthcare industry. Wow, thanks God. HUGE responsibility.

I once told a few people around me, after receiving the A level results, "I would NEVER, EVER study medicine". Ironic huh? I will be soon. Well I guess I was a coward, not wanting to study that much, work that hard. But since that night, a seed was planted in me. I was CHALLENGED to take up that responsibility. After all, my results weren't so bad aye? ;)

Anyway, I shared that moment with people around me. Some were supportive, some tried to discourage me. Well, I put aside that thought for a while.

Ok post is too long, part 2 to continue...

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