Saturday, July 01, 2006


exams over!

i went to fire conference 2006 at indoor stadium after collecting my guitar after lunch. went wif minops ppl. WOW man! paul baloche really really rocks la! i so want to be like him! lead pnw and play! ahahah!

anyway, the indoor stadium was really packed. reverend reinhard bonnke is a really good and inspiring speaker! he's the evangelist that lead millions to christ! power sia!

then after the whole conference, i went wif daniel leow and jovin from tertiary svc to go and camp at sweelee. there would be a sale on 1st july!

reached bras basah complex at 12am. never been that mad before! my first time queuing up for such thing overnight! soooo kiasu la. it was very long already at 12am, around 80-90 ppl! siao man!

and it was sooo hard to sleep. i din bring sleeping bag, so i just layed on the floor wif my bag as pillow. so painful la my back. stupid hard floor hard gay HOOOOO!

then at around 9am the doors opened. when it was our turn, it was like 10.30am or smth. we chionged in and i grabbed what i wanted! the boss acoustic simulator ac-3, the ibanez valbee and a gig bag.

but the dumb thing was the paying of the stuff. STUPID STUPID SLOW SLOW AUNTIES at the cashier were sooo inefficient and slow. i queued for 2hours+ to pay la! sian man. stand until my back hurts! :(

then when it was over, i was sooo tired. i took taxi home. reached about 1pm.

i love my life man! it's sooo exciting to add stuff to ur collections. God is good! He gave me wat i wanted, but not that i'm greedy or materialistic, is that i want to experiment new ways of playing!


next week would be a good week. exams are over. i think i can pass bio. but maths fail. chem got lil hope of passing. econs can pass. GP can pass.
i will promise to work harder!
and i'm looking forward to lesson in school again! i think it'll be fun to mix around wif my frens and classmates, eat together, study together, sleep in lecture together, talk together, lame together, lots of stuff to do! very fun!

and i hope to make more frens this term3!


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