Friday, July 21, 2006

Totally lousy results!

haha i got EEUU for my grades! wat crap!

had shep with jerel today! and i was like dozing off! oh man i'm soooo sorry! was really really shagged! i remember i just slept for a second and woke up! hahahaha!

and i slept in PW/econs too! wah lao i just cant control my sleeping! now coffee doesnt seem to work! :(

i saw a very funny sight too! at bugis junction, some little kids were playing in the fountain. at first the water was very little, not powerful. then this 2 little super small and cute kids like 2-3 years old were walking slowly to it, with their parents coaxing them to go nearer and play. then to their horror a super mighty jet of water sprang up from the holes up to about 6m in the air! the little children screamed and ran away! HOW CUTE! it made me laugh! i really want kids next time! hehe...

tmr's the big day! i'm soooo excited!

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