Sunday, July 16, 2006


i came back from stayover at daniel's house at sengkang. the place is so new la all the flats and so much land! and no trees and so hot! not like ang mo kio at all!

anyway i was damn dumb. i wanted to eat cup noodles. i forgot to close the lid, so the aluminium part was exposed. i put it in the microwave then went to get some milk. then i heard a pop and i saw smth bad! THE LID WAS ON FIRE! little flame on it! wah damn funny! i quickly off it damn dumb la. luckily never spoil!

then we went to CGoverdrive 2006 to collect primary sources for our PW! yeah! damn fruitful! we collected like 50 surveys from strangers and like 3 good interviews from professionals! so cool man!

then on the way home in the mrt, damn embarrassing! i kept nodding when i slept, and my head always happen to find its way onto the man's shoulder on my left! so embarrassing la! like i nod, then my head will lean on his shoulder, then i quickly move back up, then seconds later it goes back down! so embarrassing! so i just put my hand on my chin and rest it there! i didnt dare face him so i quickly ran out once i reached the stop!

HAHA but it's real funny to see how ppl sleep! like during lectures! how their heads would move around in a circle, or keep nodding in one direction, or just lie face down on the table!

tmr is monday and i hate mondays! argh!

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