Thursday, August 24, 2006


haha! PW is finally over for now! gosh was damn tired! and i need to catch up with my tutorials! gonna be hell next week, econs timed assignment and chem test! sian lah and i havent started my revision. too much things going on lah, PW, class test, lecture test etc.

today was a very sian day in school, as usual all thursdays are like that. but i slept the whole GP and bio tutorials. hehe.

we didnt have PE because michael wont didnt come, but we still played bball! whooh! we played full court with an extended team, and it was damn tiring. i only scored 2 goals. i'm damn lousy but reihorng is coaching me! he's so pro!

and guess what? i'm training now! under the coaching and advice of mr mak chan keet, i'm going to attempt to build my body! hard to believe but i'm trying! need to get rid of this bag of bones and make them a bag of potatoes! hehe...and uchi is like a bag of bones too! " "

and yesterday, while going home, i did a stupid, unintentional and embarrassing thing. my bus suddenly came, then i realised and flagged it while running. i didnt noe my hand was near the metal poles, so i still ran, and BANG! my arm whacked the pole lah! damn pain! i was like "ARH! SHIT SHIT!" then i think ppl were laughing at me! so embarrassing! but fortunately managed to catch the bus hehe

and there was another embarrassing moment on the MRT last year. when i was waving goodbye to my pals, i stood at the door, peak hour mah. then i waving bye bye, then the stupid door closed on me!
it slammed right into my face and hit my specs. luckily i moved back quickly! damn pain lah! so many ppl laughing at me!

argh, embarrassing moments! hehe

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