Tuesday, November 18, 2008

crossroads...yet again...

I shall attempt to blog in a proper format with capital letters beginning at every sentence.

It's strange, that when you're bored, you tend to over-think things. Well, strange or not, I think it's common. With a bored mind, you tend to imagine the future, recall the past, think of how to escape the present. And army really gives you two years to think of what you want to do in the future, why you did certain things in the past, and why you sit around in the office, or carry a rifle in the jungle, or carrying heavy items.

Army made/is making me think of what to do after I ORD.

So once again, I'm reconsidering the choice of my University course. If it weren't for this dumb thing called National Service, I think I would have been complaining on how stupid I was to choose a double degree in Business and Accountancy at SMU. It's a hot and popular course, with good prospects, but the downside -- very very stressful. I see how SMUggers mug at SMU and i just want to piss my pants! Not only SMUggers but NTUians and NUSians as well. Maybe it's just uni life being 100x more crazy than JC. So much for uni being more slack than JC (I WONDER WHO EVER MADE THAT STATEMENT?!)

So once again, I'm standing at the crossroads (ok lah more like a T-junction), undecided on which career path to take. I currently have a few ideas:

forensic science -- whooh dead bodies, fingerprints!
medicine -- blood and body parts, drugs!
dentistry -- warm, nice-smelling breaths with strange dull-colored teeth
business and accountancy -- earn da big bux at shenton way!

The issue is, why did I ever choose Biz and Acc in the first place? Out of convenience that I didn't research on the different courses? Following the trend, again? Wanting a high-paying job in some bank? Going to school to see hot girls?

I think, I have to do something that I will like, and something that will get me into the high-income club. I can't imagine myself carrying a briefcase walking to meetings. But then again I think travelling around the world doing business is way cool!

Decisions, decisions, decisions...I wonder what will the outcome be. Stay in Singapore, go overseas? Stick to Business and Accountancy, or choose another course? Sometimes I wish I can see the future!!! But of course God has a plan, but there's free will so technically I can't see the future, because that would mean peeking at His plan, and therefore following a pre-programmed life, hence overwriting free will!

Never mind, I still have 1 year and 2 months to ORD. I need to give serious thoughts of this one. This is not some JC subject combinations in which you can just change after first 3 months, or you can just screw up your entire JC life but still make it to a course. THIS IS WHAT I'VE WORKED FOR! At least what I think I've worked for during last year's A levels.

On a lighter note (weighing only 500mg!), I'm currently not staying in, and I'm not too sure if it's a good or a bad thing. Good thing -- stay out gives me freedom!!! Bad things -- wake up early, travel far.

But the only thing I hope is that they grant me the freedom to take the remaining driving lessons. It's about two weeks to that dreaded Traffic Police test. I'm scared, like super scared, but at the same time pretty excited! I can't wait to VROOM VROOM!!!

This post ends here. Roger, over and out.

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