Sunday, November 02, 2008


looks like my blog was getting dead! haven't updated in a while, but i doubt it's interesting and that anyone would actually bother coming here. but oh well it's just for me to practise my writing skills so that i dont become completed retarded in the army.

*disclaimer: close this page if you have an average IQ or above average. i dare you to read the bottom!

ephraim: hi simon.
simon: hello ephraim.
simon: nice to meet you yong sheng.
yong sheng: well hello you guys!

ephraim: hey! did you guys go for tommy emmanuel's concert on wednesday? i thought it was great!
yong sheng: definitely! how could i ever missed him? i went last year too at the esplanade. sound was much better! but this year i was sitting right at the front! i could almost touch him! and he was looking at me for some parts!!! whooh!!!
simon: how can i be a better guitarist guys? i want to play like him!
ephraim and yong sheng: practise more?
simon: anyway, i'm looking forward to the driving test! it's like in 5 weeks time! i'm ready to go and face some fussy old man driving instructor! hope i can pass!

cpl tan: oi you guys stop talking so much cock! the govt pays u $400 to sit around office and talk rubbish ar? downstairs very dirty, go do area cleaning!
everyone else: but corporal, encik and sir not around, do for what? we dont want to clean, let us play psp, or use i-net!

ephraim: eh simon, are you going to get a new electric guitar?
simon: i dunno leh, now economy so jialat, and i just got a new keyboard! i've recorded one more new song with reiz already. jay chou's caihong.
yong sheng: oh man i so love that song! i'm so cheena, my name is cheena, and i love cheena songs. send it to me!

everyone: book out lor!

simon: i'm going home to sleep! been up so late for the past few nights. all my pimples coming out liao, sian ji pua!
yong sheng: bye guys!

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