Wednesday, June 21, 2006

the blocks...

it's wed night, just about 5 more days to block tests! i'm looking forward to them, just finish and be done with! and dont have to worry so much about studying!

here's my progress:

bio - left 3 chaps not read, but havent memorised the important stuff yet
chem - only done with organic chem
maths - only left PNC
econs - only done first 2 chaps

there's still time! tmr i shall do chem! friday will be bio and econs. sat take break, sunday econs.

monday - econs paper, study GP
tues - GP paper, study chem and maths
wed - break! study chem and maths, go for paul baloche workshop at night
thurs - chem and maths, study for bio
friday - bio! last paper! FREE! watch movie, play, eat, etc

ok sian bye!

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