Sunday, June 11, 2006

i miss camp...

i wish life would slow down and rewind, back to church camp. it's just been one day and i miss it so much. and the thought of me not starting to study for exams is scaring me. nvm still got 2 weeks...

it all happened so's how...

precamp day-6th june:
i left the house at 7.15am and reached nexus at 8am to help move things to PGP campsite. fortunately one of my guitar and pedal case were with gwen already! so i brought my other guitar. it was pretty fun moving stuff although the amps and drums were VERY VERY VERY HEAVY. we squeezed everything into the church truck in order to help daniel leow save a trip. however there were the missing drum clamp and a keyboard stand, so they had to go back again...
so we arrived late at PGP at around 10+ and started to setup. then had lunch at the central library. the food's so cheap and nice lah! better than HC! :@
so we arrived back at around 2+ and started our concert practise. we had many sessions for the concert already and i was pretty excited...
me, walmond and lee jun then went to eat roti prata at night after everything and went home...

camp day1-7th june:
it's camp day! and i was pretty excited! arrived at the campsite around 11.50am and went to our rooms. but then there were games and we couldnt play, but we had to sell drinks instead...hahaha and the most incredible thing was riding in the truck! i tell u it was a nightmare inside the church truck, esp when daniel's driving! HAHAHA...not that his driving is bad, but it was bumpy :P
and there was pnw1 at night! the sound system screwed up quite badly and the mics werent working. but thank God the crowd were enthu and excited!
at night we went for roti prata again!

i was sooo tired because i slept at 2am and had to wake up at 8.30...there was pnw2 and the crowd was very hyped up also! praise God!
i'm trying to recall what happened later on because we never played games... :( :( :(
then there was the spiritual gifts workshop. i have the gifts of
pnw3, then prata again at night i'm typing faster now lol...

day3-9th june:
the last night! which means the concert night! IGNITE! whooh! we had pnw4 the last one in the morning, then bring it on! in the afternoon, and then concert practise and then the concert!
before the doors were opened, we could hear the crazy bunch of 500+ youths outside the hall, queuing up to get the front seats haha...they were SINGING as we were practising! praise God!
but the sound system screwed up again and poor jiayi was very stressed trying to fix it!
then...the time has come...we played lots of songs from the new united we stand album! i could see that the youth werent that familiar with the songs. but they're nice!
then there was ministering time...i could see that the youths were really hot for God, and i could see the Holy Spirit moving and touching each and everyone of the youths, new or old christians. i could see ppl crying and kneeling, as hands and hearts were lifted up. the Lord then dropped a word into my heart when i was playing too. He said "do not worry about your parents going to china. it may seem a bad thing, but u cant see the situation for now. it's like a horizon, your eyes cant see beyond, but i can see and my plan is the best plan. trust in me the Lord your God always." and this touched me and i was assured of God's love for me that i cried when playing the song. it stirred up lots of emotions in the crowd as well, as the Holy Spirit descended upon his children and moved the place.
and yongsheng receieved Christ and yvonne receieved the Holy Spirit! and the others of HC were growing! the newcomers, jon, ryan, robert, fung min, yvonne and yongsheng have seriously grown a lot through this camp. God has created a new generation of J1s who are close in fellowship and hot for the word! amen! 20 HCIans! here we go! (even though i cant help much)
then after ministering time, dennis and shirley brought up sparkling wine for everyone to YUMSENG! it was to represent the kind of victory and pledge for the number of ppl each CG wants to have. but they go and shake and shoot the sparkling wine on everyone la! make the floor so sticky and dirty and we had to stay back and clean it THOROUGHLY! hahaha...
but now it was 12+ and i was zombified. i joined my new CG, ywam! and we celebrated wynnie's bday and they welcomed me and ben i was dozing off :( too sleepy la. then when the rest went to play, i went back to my room and KOed...very tired...

last day :( :( :( -10th june
it was the last day. everyone was tired as most didnt sleep much. LOL! we had the final high praise and everyone took pics before leaving. i went home and KOed again...
then ywammers had a movie outing at PS to watch cars! it was damn cute! the idea was just brilliant! PIXAR ROCKS!
then me, walmond, ethan, ruizhen and yao guo went to harry's @ esplanade to watch paul pannochiaro (i dunno how to spell) perform his weekly dosage of jazz/funk/blues. HE'S DAMN PRO! WHOOH!
but then it was late and there were no more trains. so i took 162 bus all the way back to YCK mrt. i reached like 1am? :O then i had to walk back home and arrived back at around 1.20! i was zombified already. KOed!

ok enough typing my hands are tired. i shall start studying this week!


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