Wednesday, June 07, 2006


i'm back from china, well not really came back 2 days ago. got to do this fast, need to sleep soon...

came back on sunday 7pm. was at the guangzhou airport and we couldnt get into the lounge. so we went to some stupid cutthroat-dumbass-cheatmoney restaurant that cheated our money and guess what? 63RMB for 7up and a cup of tea. that's around $12? STUPID RIGHT? when we saw the price, no choice liao cause we sat down...heart pain...
and on the plane i watched pink panther and firewall. i also watched the intro of date movie again! DATE MOVIE IS DAMN FUNNY! it's sooo stupid and damn lame.

ok anyway some 10 things about china...
1)the air was bad. it made my lungs dirty and my cough grew damn bad
2)the food are damn cheap. i ate a lot and hopefully gained weight
3)it costs about $40 for a full meal for 4 of us at some posh restaurant
4)clothes are cheap i bought 2 jeans and a belt
5)i learned more cantonese so now i can converese better. CHALLENGE ME!
6)they have lots of korean dramas
7)the fashion is quite backward >.<
8)'desperate housewives' is episodes ago
9)they dont spit as much as winter
10)mcdonald's breakfast costs half the price here

well i enjoyed china and i met my father. my sis and my mom maybe going over during august or smth...

and tmr is camp! we had music prac just now for damn long but it was tiring lol...we moved everything from nexus there so tiring and heavy! wah but it was fun! FIRST TIME! :)

have nothing much to write now...but i...oops i forgot wat i wanted to write...OH! i havent started studying yet! only next week can, after camp! :)

oh i also dropped my strat from the stand on stage and there's like 3 dents and 2 paint peel offs i can see the wood! HEART PAIN HEART PAIN! it's worse than getting dumped hahaha...

sweelee sale on 1st july and i dunno if i'm going or lots of tempting items


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