Friday, June 16, 2006


thanks to the JC caregroup for everything! sorry if i posted this a day late, didnt have time to post yesterday, and yes i have not started on maths chem and econs! :@

anyway, went for my supposedly farewell CG yesterday. actually i pretty much expected a farewell "surprise" but samuel and robert told me that it was a farewell CG lol.
we played games first, 3 Up and then 3 & 7 Up lol, and then follow the leader. expectedly i was supposed to go out during follow the leader and they would prepare the surprise.

i came in, and they took out a chocolate fudge cake! but the thing was that no one had a knife so i had to bring the cake home lol!
then they presented to me an ashley PIG and a handmade cardboard flying V guitar! so touching! thanks a lot to those who did it!

then it was time for affirmation...

oh man i'm leaving central already and it's almost been 2 years since i'm in there...but now i'm transferring to ywam. i will miss this bunch of guys and girls, a fun-loving bunch!

to HC cg, grow strong in the Lord and expand our size! 20 by december!
to the JC cg, the CJ, NJ, AC ppl, thanks for the fun and games we had during our combined CGs this year! i'll remember the fun we had too!
to Leon my shepherd, STOP BEING SO SIAN! study hard la and shepherd robert into someone great!
to Robert my sheep, sorry i didnt shepherd you formally, but i hope u had a great time under my care and grow stronger!
to Ryan my sheep, i also didnt shepherd you formally, but it's good to see you being so convicted to the Word! balance ur studies and CCA well!
to Samuel my cg leader, thanks for the support and advice given to me these 2 years! i'm sure HC will increase under ur leadership!
to xiangyu, i still got ur shoes! and study hard for A levels dont miss me! i'll still see and hang out wif you guys!
to cheryl and qinyan, study hard for As and God bless!
to yongsheng, jon, yvonne and fung min, it's great to see the group of new believers joining us and already growing sooo fast! hope to see you guys serving God in church soon!
to tracy and suet, work hard for God and he will reward you!
and to Jin Qi, it's sad to leave but i'll promise i wont backslide and i'll do more things in ywam!
and to the rest of the ppl in JC group and central, bye i'll miss you guys! i'll still stick around and see me on stage too! lol!

ok i'm going off to study bye!

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