Tuesday, May 30, 2006

angry, frustrated

simon has never been this angry and frustrated in his entire life these few weeks...

i dunno why but lately i've been getting very angry and frustrated over little things, and stupid things. like i totally lose control of myself and go into a rage and start, becoming mad. i need to cool down man. i think the reasons why i have become like that is due to my stupid computer which is totally busted and gone, my inability to find things before i go out, and my irritating sisters.

since the crashing of my comp, i did not feel much. just very pek chek. but wat i cant stand is not being able to access the internet. it's like being cut off from the world, from the frens, forums, news etc. damn sian la. and now my sis comp also cant work so i'm using my other sis laptop. it's soooo irritating. and also i'm angry over little things like not being able to find my stuff. i'm a grumpy old man i need to beat things up and punch stuff. haha dont think i'm crazy i just need to let loose...and also my sisters sometimes really irritate me a lot and i dunno how to control my temper and just scream. then my mom will come and scold and my sis will yell and i will yell and in the end everyone gets angry and starts shouting. so unhealthy la! haiz someone help me!

camp is drawing nearer but it seems my spiritual life is not getting much better. hope it will be different after the camp but right now i need to control my emotions and prepare for the camp. sorry to those who have been affected by my temper lol...

anyway on a lighter note, my classmates just returned from ubin camp! surprisingly it looks quite fun but too bad i had to miss it lol. and i just missed another movie outing! they went to watch xmen3 and right now i have missed MI3, da vinci, and poisedon. now have to miss xmen3! :@:@:@

but because i had to get something more impt, i had to miss xmen3. i got a VINTAGE 80s japanese flanger! wah it's damn cool it looks old and vintage but still works damn good. made in japan someone sia! can still see the laber. the owner really took great care of it hahaha...

and check out my pedal rig! it's all done now, finally...for now! haha but there's no more space for another pedal :(

the whole damn thing costs me 2 legs, 2 hands, and a head! oh man hahaha...but it's fun la just a hobby i love doing what i like! and you should to!

tmr i'm leaving for china to visit my dad and just now i just erased a big chunk of words by accident :@. anyway quite excited because stuff are damn cheap. and oh i'm not chinese FYI because momoren think i am *coughyutingcough* hahahaha...jk no hard feelings :P

hope it wont get boring but i have to study for my blocks also. i'm rather scared about it actually lol. my maths and chem are like shit lah dunno how to help myself... :(

holidays are here! whooh!

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