Saturday, August 05, 2006

Everything to be moved...

i'm going to shift to pasir panjang in just a few hours, and i'm going to miss my home in lentor. feels damn weird for my uncle's family to 'invade' my house, intruding my privacy, littering my house wif their bags of stuff (DAMN MESSY LA!) and blah blah...

why must all this happen? take away my parents, put me with my aunt, leave me alone with my elder sis, in a foreign home...haiz sometimes i wish i know why! i dont want more pocket money, i dont want more freedom, i just want a family...

ok sorry if this post seems too emotional but for those of ya with a complete family, pls treasure them, because u never know what will happen. learn to appreciate what ur parents do for u, and control, dont always think they nag but it's good.

for the next 3 years, i wont get any nagging (maybe online la via webcam LOL) but oh well, it's time for me to be independent. going to be 17 in 10 days! *hinthintiwantabballhinthint*

ok to a lighter note, we went to seoul garden yesterday, and i went to cartel on thurs! been eating so much larh! getting so much fat on my belly! must train harder.

and ytd afternn, we were released early! at 1.30! but i was falling asleep in chem tut la :P so we played bball again! i love playing it and learning from reiz, pubes and ck! so fun la! hehehe...i'm improving my shooting also, and my lay ups, although i'm short but reiz is damn pro hahaha...anyway there's NB svc later! so excited for the extended PnW! yay to all those who crossed over to eternity! :D

ok la must finish packing. i think cant bring all my stuff la but i can come home and take them! home is lentor! lentor is home! pasir panjang is temp home, then bukit timah! bukit timah sux it's sooo damn ulu there's no mrt! :@


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