Sunday, August 20, 2006

the waste is cleared and flushed down the toilet bowl

YES! the storm's gone, the shit is flushed! everything is back to normal!

sorry if i sounded too gloomy (DAMN GRANDPA JUST FARTED AGAIN DAMN SMELLY!) or too dark or trying to draw attention in my previous post, but i feel that a blog is smth that we write out our feelings. i'm human ok!

but right now i'm ok, back to my strong, fit, healthy, cheerful, happy, jovial, cute self again! did i say cute? HAHA!

so sorry to those who worried but i'm recharged once again after much talking and sharing with jerel and others. thx guys really needed it!

now i'm not sooo tired, and coping well wif my studies now! mauahaha!


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