Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's party time!


and to Chris, sorry i forgot to include ur pubic name! i mean, i hate this kind of things, because i will sure forget someone and i remembered putting ur name but it disappeared! :O did u hide it in ur hair?

anyway, yesterday was crap! woke up ONE HOUR late! i set the alarm clock at 6.40 instead of 5.40! wah panic sia! but took a cab and reached at 7.15 just nice!
things that seem bad turn out good! siva didnt see us for ponning 15min of his BORING PW lesson! whew!

and my pedalboard looks damn good and sounds damn good! had anni prac just now, my new SD1 modded 808 just sooo rocks! i'm starting to diss the distortion unit on my J&H pedal! hmmm should i sell? get a gt2! lol

tmr's a busy day, i mean, later, lol. sooo many ppl wished me happy bday that i cant count! lemme try to remember...
ck, robert, toon, samuel, jerel, daniel, yao guo, small gwen, jiayi, jiemin, jolene, yk, yushu, yueqi, yuting, ah crap! mental block! many many la! hahaha and if u havent, FEEL GUILTY! MUAHAHAH

ok i shall go sleep now! bye!

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