Friday, August 11, 2006

Little did i noe...

today is the last night with my mom and my younger sis. sadly, 4mths have passed since my dad left. i remember vividly the times we had with my dad, but sadly, the times i shared wif my mom and my younger sis are more. that's make it harder to leave and say goodbye.

oh well, i may seem like a jovial person, funny, cracking jokes, but deep down i'm actually a very serious person, who puts others before him. i dont want to see my mom suffer in a foreign land, but i noe for sure that there's someone looking down on us, watching us sleep, blessing us every moment. He is God, no doubt, the creator of the heavens and the earth.

so i would like to thank these ppl in advance for their support in rough times, and as the bible says, do not worry about tmr, let tmr worry about itself. i wont worry i'm sure, because the lord is my shepherd, He leads me beside quiet waters, and His staff and rod comfort me as i walk thru the shadow of the valley of death! it's very comforting, my Father in heaven. ok havent thank yet, but i would like to thank:
my beloved YWAM CG, and jerel my shepherd
my beloved ex-HC CG, for being with me in school
my pals, leon, sam, ryan and robert in church
my good frens in class, toon, ck, ivan, reiz, robert
my sec4 frens, hongyi, yushu, tengen, lenard, wilson, yingcheng, boon, feng, chunrui etc sorry if i forget ur name it's so many!
all those who love me and want me to be strong!

well i'm sure this post is a short one, but i'll blog more i promise. bye!

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