Sunday, May 28, 2006

the aftermath

*oh no i lost one chord sheet paper!* long time no blog also!

today, marked the day, wait, YESTERDAY, the saturday, of my first sports competition i took part in. HWA CHONG TAEKWONDO sent everyone down to YCK sports hall. we got overall silver in the end. HWA CHONG GOGOGO! WE ROCK!
but so sad i didnt even get thru the first round of the comp, the prelims. i trained very hard and prayed hard also, but God didnt answer my prayer but letting me get through. it could be because of a few reasons, being:
1) i dont deserve to win, maybe God doesnt want me to get thru
2) God is testing me
3) He wants me to wait before my prayer gets answered

i think the last 2 are the most logical reasonings. hehe...

anyway it was quite sian, 11am-9pm for the comp. BUT MY WHOLE class is in PULAU UBIN camp now hahaha! i get to pon! WHOOH!
but today i could sense the spirit of my tkd club. although we may be ill disciplined, rude, slack, etc and all the bad stuff, we're all very united and supportive for the competitors. but it was awesome the HC spirit. but we cant compare to VJ because they're always cheering and waving banners. they're mad! hahaha...

and i realised my STUPID EZ LINK is INVALID and spoilt i have to go sembawang or hougang to fix it! :@:@:@

anyway here are the things i'm going to do during the JUNE HOLIDAYS!!! WHOOH!
1) go China visit my dad
3) wfl? i think i can go for 1!
5) practise guitar
6) anticipate for sweelee mid year sale (get 7string!)
7) hang out wif buds and watch movies!

so i'll be away from 31stmay to 4th june in china! i'll eat lots and live like a KING! Simon the Great! hahaha!!!

i wonder how's my classmates suffering in UBIN HAHAHA and i'm slacking right here. my mom's watching the ring! so scary dont dare watch. channel 5!

i'm so random. BUT OH YA! was so busy past few days, forgot to post about sabbaticals! rock climbing rocks, and western oils is...oily! but it rocks too! and check out my nice paintings!

i dont have my teddy bear one i dunno where it went :P

btw it was meant to be an impressionist painting but it turned out bad?

let me explain to u my painting! this is the painting of the classroom. and we all noe the classroom is not a nice place to be in, because we have to listen to boring teachers and struggle to keep awake.
but the main explanation is this. i used dull colours, brown, grey and simple monotonous colours to represent the boring and monotonous routine we go through in school everyday, every week and every year. notice the colours, they go from light to dark, left to right. this represents the class being divided by the intellectual abilities of the students, e.g. smart, average, dumb, very dumb, simon etc...and the 3 chairs in the middle represent the rankings, smart, average and dumb. the tables next to them represent the results, and the dark side is the lousier side. haha...
nice explanation right! :p


and jiemin wouldnt stop laughing to herself about the old woman with the harmonica. seriously! is it that funny? hahaha! and she reminded me of my emoticons all gone, and my computer's seroiusly BUSTED FRIED DEAD MRS SAM GONE DETSROYED DOOMED and there's no way i noe of to recover it. and speaking of jiemin, she told us a question on giving $1m to a:
1) old woman playing the harmonica on the road
2) 5 year old boy who's parents died in tsunami
3) 23 year old man suffering from cancer.
the $1m would help someone, and the moral of the story was that God chooses to give things to ppl that He wants to, i.e. spiritual gifts. and i chose to give to the man. arts people would give the money to the man or child, but science ppl would take the money, invest it in a bank, get enough money, and give it to everyone! hahaha! that's dumb

this is a super long post. it's late now and i'm typing on my lap because the stupid keyboard holder went in and wont come out! it's stuck la! everything arounds me seems to be spoiling and DYING AND GETTING BUSTED AND MRS SAM!

ok bye for now!

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