Wednesday, May 17, 2006

brand new!

ok this is my virgin post! i'm officially a blogger! whooh! but i'm so n00b to these kinds of stuff la, i dunno how to use the HTML! it's like...TAMIL or GREEK to me la...hahaha

so tired after taekwondo today. ended at 7.30 WTH and reached home at 8pm! super super tired now la! but guess what? i'm going for competition! seh right! my coach said we good sia, whooh! damn tired, but my kicking improved! we also sparred (is that how u spell it???) and my moves were GREAT! WHOOH! hahaha been practising man so cool

went home to catch americal idol! taylor hicks really rocks! i think he's going to win. but i think elliot yamin will get voted OUT tmr! oh no! i prefer him to kat, but i wanted chris to win! :@
and sg idol next sunday! i think it's going to be damn stupid and funny...

oh guess what? tmr got bio test and i havent studied! so tired, and had to do stupid econs tutorial or siva will kill me, and go like "Simon, why havent u done ur work? ur supposed to prepare for ur tutorials every time u come to lesson" i mean c'mon la! other classes dao him and never do tutorials, they despise him openly :)

ok it's getting late, my virgin post ends here. blogging seems fun! :P


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