Sunday, May 21, 2006

somebody kill me...

i spent so much money today (wont say how much :P). my atm is like unlimited but i cant imagine that number of years i take to save up so much! *recalls all the cny where i get sooo little and the days in primary school where i save a dollar a day* that's real pathetic no wonder i'm so damn skinny! :@ wait i'm not skinny, i'm thin! skinny sounds weak, thin doesnt :P

anyway went to meet ashley for lunch before church. robert and ryan went to buy junwei a present. happy bday junwei! i ate BK wif ashley and we chatted about our schools. it's so interesting to catch up and compare our schools. LOL! then i went to bras basah complex to check out the 7string guitar. BLOODY HELL! THEY DONT HAVE! i was quite angry because there were stock a month ago! and i have to go to aljunied lah! wtf! :@
so i went to another guitar shop and LOW AND BEHOLD! i saw something damn tempting! a pedalcase going for half the price i saw on the web. i'm not professional so i just buy la heck care the brand can use can liao! WHOOH! so happy! ok here's the dumb thing about carrying a big pedalcase around town:

1. when carrying a pedalcase that's so big, ppl tend to stare at u and siam u!
2. ppl think ur carrying a bomb but they realise i'm chinese and i'm a young boy
3. no security officer approached me to say "HANDS UP! OPEN THE CASE SLOWLY!"
4. i was sweating so much when carrying the big case that ppl think that i'm nervous to detonate a BOMB
5. the MRT was SO DAMN UNUSUALLY crowded today

and so i went to church carrying the pedalcase. xiangyu, ryan, robert, tracy, fungmin all asked me the same qn: "what is that? is that a bomb ur carrying? what mrt u going to bomb?" this is so dumb!

i learnt about serving in church today. today's sermon was real great and inspiring! although pastor ben quite chim, but the sermon was great! so after church i went to city hall to purchase my other guitar stuff. SO START KILLING ME NOW: (btw skip this if ur not into guitaring haha!)

met daniel at 6.30 and bought a set of Dimarzio NEW7 pups from him! would be my pups for my next guitar! whooh! and i was so excited because i was meeting ark to get back my EQ pedal. he changed the footswitch, making is sooo much easier to press. i remembered the horrid days of gigging when i couldnt press the damn thing in time to boost my solos. anyway i went to guitar77 and bought 2 sets of curt mangan strings and a daisy chain. were they $5.50 each or $6.50 each? i dunno! i may have been cheated cos i heard him say $5.50 and he charged me $6.50! but nvm i still <3 G77! the ppl are so funny la. they were DRINKING as USUAL and uttering lame and stupid nonsense hahaha...they're cool they're cool...and i bought 2 patch cables from luther. feeling sooo broke!

i was satisfied from my shopping spree! it's so nice to shop for things u like, NOT FOR THINGS U DONT LIKE. =D

and now it's quite late but tmr's a SUNDAY! and after which is sabbaticals! so that means slacking but still have to wake up early :( and i finished my part for PW! yiwei i'm sooo efficient! ;)

and i just realised my entries are super long so bear with it! i'm leaving lots of paragraph so as to make it not look wordy!

i love saturdays! and my pedalboard is so nice now! much bigger! pix soon! bye!

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