Friday, May 19, 2006

i'm lame

ok i'm going to die right now someone help me. my legs are like going to break and i having a headache now! this is how my day began:

maths was real boring i didnt understand how to do a single shit lah. but i wrote the letters for ms wong, ms ho and ms tan. they left already! so sad. we had a farewell to them later on...
then we played captain's ball during PE! and guess wat? i had like 3 injuries? i was defending my team, and i tried getting a long high ball, and i jumped, and the stupid ball whacked my assets! :@ wtf i fell to the ground rolling around screaming in pain. it was DAMN embarrassing! luckily i recovered fast, and rejoined them. then i got whacked in the spine! ouch! then i fell down while protecting the ball (i was hugging it so dirty!), then i saw someone CHARGING at me i thought it was a guy, but i saw pink small shoes! it was SAMANTHA so violent. she kicked me! but she always kana whacked by the ball in the HEAD damn funny! hahha

then i played bball with chris, robert, toon and shaun choy! oh man it was damn funny! me and chris vs they 3 and they so n00b and we owned like 12-6 or smth? c'mon i scored like more than half! hahaha! scored 4 goals in a row! i'm getting more pro! must play more bball! hahaha

but then i was damn tired before tkd, and i was going to die. my legs were sooo tired! and i swear they made us do like 40 times the pattern? argh almost died la! but then quite slack later on...competition next sat and we're all dead! hahaha!

tmr will be a fun day! there's church tmr and will go shopping with robert and ryan before church. then after church i'll be getting back my pedal! and also buying 2 7string pickups for my next one...damn fun! hahaha!


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shawn said...

eh why didn't you talk about robert's fetishes??