Thursday, May 25, 2006

the day has come...

the day has come...and TAYLOR HICKS WON! whooh! i'm so happy! this is the FIRST time someone we supported actually WON! haha he rocks man!

had western oils sabbaticals today. woke up at 8.30 and reached school at 9.10. but whooh can wake up later a bit! i'm lovin' it! ;)
we did a water colour painting, and i painted yushu's teddy bear! it's so cute but my technique was wrong, i used acrylic style, so didnt look nice! robert's one was nice because he's ang moh and the teacher likes him. LOL
we ended around 1.45! whooh! and i chionged home to prepare for music prac later. so exciting i look forward to the camp! got new effects rig too! so shiok! but my stupid wah pedal keeps dropping off so i take it out first. :)

pics of rock climbing coming soon when i have the time! bye!

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