Sunday, May 21, 2006


I AM SO PISSED! MY STUPID COMP IS SPOILT! i'm using my sis one and it's like a tortoise! i still prefer my own comp! must reformat tmr and if everything is gone, KILL ME! luckily i have 2 hard drives and i contain most of them on the second drive! (: smart right! ahahaha

tmr is rock climbing i dunno wat's going to happen. but i hope i dont have to belay someone twice my weight *coughryancough*! but jianmin's going tmr! haha can talk to him and catch up with old times!

and i just realise i'm such a money-spending-whore. which reminds me i just placed everything in order! so happy!

we went to KFC for dinner today. it was freaking oily makes me wanna puke! that means...MORE PIMPLES! ARGH!!! and i saw smth very funny...a family of fat people eating KFC. i guess they must have go there every weekend because they're arms and thighs can probably feed an entire army for a lifetime! LOL! oops i'm so evil! but i saw the woman, or you can call her YO MAMA, her arm was larger than my thigh! haha, oh btw "yo mama so fat that when she fell in love, she broke it!" HAHAHA damn stupid!

i also managed to catch like 10min of singapore idol. it's quite funny very dumb. haha i think it would have been fun if i joined. TOO BAD NO ONE wants to queue with me! pity pity...

enough injuries for the pass week, hope tmr rock climbing i wont split my pants or whack against the rocks! HAHAH!


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