Thursday, May 18, 2006


ok updates:
i changed my blog title, the old one was real stupid and makes no sense. this makes more sense. :)

just reached home. played bball and ULTIMATE friscbee with our CG. yongsheng is damn pro at bball, and reihorng who crashed also damn pro! so tall it's so funny so see 2 giants snatching the ball and bending down REAL LOW hahaha. leon was like a FLY u see, flying here and there wif the ball. so funny! i totally suck at bball, because i cant control it well and i seriously cant aim! but friscbee was damn fun! but it was like 4-4 WHOLE bball court! made us run until damn tired. in the end, leon sam robert and xiangyu won. :( nvm but was damn fun!

and we played captain's ball wif my beloved class 75 for PE. i was the captain! first time man, real slack and quite fun, but damn scary standing on the chair. and siyun...haiz...hahhaha she couldnt catch properly at the start, but she scored twice? :D

and guess what? i didnt sleep in lecture! but i slept in siva's lesson because he was super SUPER boring! oh man, luckily he didnt catch me! i'm getting pro in covering my eyes when i sleep! and i slept in PW too (siva's lesson) and my grp woke me up, and i just woke up, so i was like STARING at them for waking me up!

and so sad...all our J3 teachers in LEFT NEVER will see them again! :( maybe got la, but it was damn sad, could see it in their eyes. they couldnt bear to leave us la, but although they J3, but they're better than the new NIE teachers. and ms soh from yushu class is going to teach us bio, dunno about chem. i heard she's real nice but very very slow...and we have to go back for remedial bio lesson!

ok i'm going to eat dinner now! will BLOG AGAIN later! it's soooooo fun! :D

back from dinner. so sad elliot is out from american idol :( i totally dont want kat to be in top 2! she will def win taylor because she's younger and prettier.

i'm doing chem ilp now and i dun want to. there's still maths but i have NO MOOD to do. and i'm lagged in msn because the class just invited me into a mass convo. lagging 10mins and counting...

this is so boring...

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